TEXT: JUDGES 18:1-10


“He brought me forth into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me” psalm 18:19


It is the will of God that his children are secured and live in place where they lack nothing. Deut 2:7, Neh. 9:21, Psalm 34:10. To be secure is an assurance of safety which is the freedom from or resilience against potential harm or other unwanted coercive damage cause by others. It could also be a state of mind. Every living thing want to be secured because security is the first factor that guarantees that one’s effort will not be wasted. Likewise, the desire of humans is to have a good life and a sense of fulfillment, which is dwelling in a large place (wealthy place). A place free from wants of anything. May the Holy Spirit grant us understand as we go into this teaching.


  • A. Where can we find a secure and large place?

    1.     It is only in God that one can find 100% security and a comfort place. Psalm 46

    2.     We have access to security and peaceable life through the son Jesus. John 14:6,  John 16:33 John 10:10

    3.     The knowledge of God’s promises guarantee our mind safety i.e peace of the mind Isaiah 32:18, Psalm 91, 2 Sam22:20,  Psalm 31:8b,  Psalm 118:5

    4. Through the holy spirit

  • B. People who will enjoy secure and large place.

    1.     Those who are save John 3:5 1pet 2:9

    2.     Those who Believe and trust in God e.g Abraham, Daniel  Heb 11:6 Psalm 4:5 Psa. 37:3, 40

    3.     Those who know how to lean on the Lord especially in time of adversity e.g David

    4.     Those who obeys his instructions Deut28:1-14

    5.     Those that have, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead them. John 14:15


Christian should know that there is a place more secure and large that we ought to prepare for. Matt. 6:19-20, John 14:3.

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