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God’s Grace Fellowship Church (GGFC) was established by God using his servant Pastor Bayode Joshua Adaramola in the year 2010 with the purpose to win souls to the kingdom, developing them unto maturity and leading them to heaven.

Pastor Bayode Joshua Adaramola​​

Pastor B.J Adaramola is a dedicated Christian, a gifted man of God, clear-thinking, real and humble. He is married to Dr. (Mrs) S.F Adaramola and blessed with two children. Pastor B.J Adaramola gave his life to Christ in his University days. As a student at the University, he devoted his time to the reading and studying of the Bible, as a result, he had encounters with God in different ways. He was also privileged meeting different men of God, some are Pa S.G Elton, Pastor E.A Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo among many.

As Pastor B.J Adaramola shares his understanding and his love for the word of God, people have been drawn to God through him for advice, or simply to listen to God’s word. When he preaches, his messages are clear, simple, real, and profound. Everybody under his ministration are all equally captivated by the way Scriptures becomes suddenly relevant to them.

Pastor Adaramola’s own Christian life developed because he took the Bible seriously. Pastor Adaramola’s preaching is sometimes based on the “Grace of God that is shared across to all men teaching them to deny ungodliness” (Titus 2:2). His sermons are captivating, giving a straightforward Bible-based and thorough sermons, and always personally challenging. He always gave a wide range of cross-references which were read in their context, supporting, clarifying and expanding his main points.

Pastor Adaramola also believe in WORK. According to James 2:14-26. He believes every Christian must work so that the blessings of God will rest on it. As a result of this, Every Last Sunday of the month has been dedicated to SEMINAR SERVICE.

God's Grace Fellowship Church

God’s Grace Fellowship Church is a community church with its headquarter in Plot 3, Block 3, Atibiti Layout, Akure, Ondo State Nigeria. GGFC was established in 2010 and since it inception many testimonies have surrounded this ministry, and we believe as we use to say “we are the people launched by Grace to impact the people”.

GGFC as a community church ensures that its programs serves the community. The church do have a yearly medical outreach during, where free medical checkups are done and free eye-glasses are distributed. The church also provided a borehole for the community, a location where people around the community come to fetch drinkable water. The church also go on a yearly outreach to certain locations around the community preach the good news. God’s Grace fellowship Church has impacted the community and its people wherever the church is located.

Testimonies from members and non-members of the Church concerning answers to prayer has made it so glaring that God sent this Ministry. Pastor B.J Adaramola believes that God in GGFC has strategically and prudently used answers to prayers to make all men come to Him.

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