Secrets of the Vine



Breaking Through






I. The Passage

A.The Vine is Jesus Christ.

B.The Vine-dresser is God the Father.

C.The Branch is the Believer.

D.The Fruit is the result of the believer’s good Works.

     1.Fruit generally means good Works

    2.Fruit can only be produced by those “in Christ.)

    3.Fruit is a good work done with a God-honoring Motives

    4.Fruit is any action of any believer that pleases God.

    5.Fruit is the result of your effort and Labour.

II. The Pitfall:

Who is responsible to bear the fruit?

A. Productivity: You have been appointed to bear fruit.
B. Partnership:  You have been empowered by God to bear fruit.

Fruit-bearing principle #1:

Every Believer bears fruit at one of the Four Fruit-Bearing Levels.


Level                                                        Scripture                                                       Fruitfulness

Level # 1                       5 “Every branch in Me that does not                             No Fruit 60%                                                          bear fruit He takes away;

Level # 2                And every branch that bears fruit He prunes,                 Fruit 25%

Level # 3                               That it may bear more fruit                                      More Fruit 10%

Level # 4                       He who abides in Me, and I in him,                               Much Fruit 5%                                                    bears much fruit”John 15:5

A. Every believer bears fruit at one of the four levels at all times.
B. Every believer is to grow to the “much fruit” level.
C. Every believer should increase fruitfulness as they mature.

Fruit-bearing Principle #2:

Every Believer has been created to do specific works prepared by God.

A. Good works cannot earn eternal salvation as it is a Gift.
B. Good works have been prepared for us by God in Advance.
C. Good works prepared by God is where we are to focus Our Lives.

Fruit-bearing principle #3

Every Believer increases fruit by the Three Secrets of the vine

Secret 1: From “No Fruit” to “Fruit” God takes away.
Secret 2: “Fruit” to “More Fruit” God prunes.
Secret 3: From “More Fruit” to “Much Fruit” we Abide.

                         SESSION ONE / PART B                          FRUIT BEARING

Process #1:
Bear fruit through good works that are private.

A. Bear fruit by your private charitable deeds.
B. Bear fruit by your private prayers.
C. Bear fruit by your private fasting

Process #2

Bear fruit through good works that are public

A. Public good works are to be purposefully displayed.
B. Public good works should cause non-believers to give God glory.
C. Public good works require personal involvement and sacrifice,

I will place no value on anything I have or
may possess except in relation to the
kingdom of Christ.

David Livingstone

Process #3

Bear fruit through good works that are personal.

A. Bear fruit in your neighborhood and market place.
B. Bear fruit in your family and marriage
C. Bear fruit by using your gifts in church and missions

The great thing in this world is not
so much where we stand, as in
what direction we are going.

Oliver Wendelll Holmes

First Secret of the Vine:
If your life consistently bears no fruit,
God will intervene to discipline you

Secret #1:


I. The Passage

A. “Every branch in Me” is a believer in Jesus.
B. “Does not bear fruit” is a believer not bearing fruit currently.
C. “He takes away” is God’s parallel response to poor productivity.

II. The pitfall:

Does God do anything to you when
you are not bearing any fruit?

A. Your fruitfulness is hindered if you choose to sin.
B. Your fruitfulness is hindered if you focus on riches and this world.
C. Your fruitfulness is hindered if you give in to apathy/indifference.

The Discipline Principle #1

God gets involved with believers making fruitlessness their ongoing choice 

A. “Take away” (Greek: airo) does not mean “cutoff” but lift up
B. “lift up” in the vineyard means to clean off and tie back up.
C. “Lift up” for believers means God seeks to restore continually.

The Discipline Principle #2

God intervenes in the life of the “no fruit branch” with discipline

A. God disciplines every single member of His family.
B. God disciplines as a kind and loving heavenly father.
C. God disciplines when we need it, for our holiness and Print.

The Discipline Principle #3

God disciplines progressively through the three stages.

Stage #1: God’s light discipline is called rebuke.
Stage #2: God’s medium discipline is called chastening.
Stage #3: God’s heavy discipline is called scourging.

Light discipline                     Medium discipline                          God’s heavy discipline 

rebuke                                            chastening                                                 scourging 

Verbal                               Emotional                                    Painful 

Discomfort                                      Distress                                                    Depression

0          10          20               30          40          50          60                      70          80          90
 –            –             –                   –              –              –             –                          –              –              – 
9          19          29                39           49          59         69                       79           89        100


Secret #1:


Process #1

God’s discipline can affect us in all areas
including the physical
A. God may discipline you with weakness.
B. God may discipline you with sickness.
C. God may discipline you with premature death.Process #1

The most delightful saint is the
one who has been chastened
through great sorrows.
Oswald chambers

God’s disciplines appropriately but some
sins are dealt with severely
A. God disciplines severely the sin of
B. God disciplines severely the sin of sexual
Process #2

Process #3
A. Judge yourself by repentance.
B. Judge yourself by restoration.
C. Judge yourself by reconciliation.
God’s discipline is not necessary if we judge

The Precept
1. Do not forget the exhortation about God’s
2. Dedicate yourself to be trained by God’s

Second secret of the Vine:
If your life bears some fruit, God will
intervene to prune you.

I. The Passage
A. “Every branch that bears fruit”
describes a fruit-bearing believer.
B. “He prunes” specifies the pruningagent
as God the father
C “Prune” is an act by the vinedresser to
cut back to bear moreSecret #2

C. “Prune” is an act by the vinedresser to cut
back to bear More
1. Pruning is the Primary Method to make
branches Productive
2. Pruning redirects the sap from the wood
and leaves to the Fruits.
3. Pruning occurs numerous times
throughout the Season
D. “Bear more fruit” reveals God’s goal as
increasing good works.

II. The Pitfall: The more you live for
God, the less pain you will experience.
A. Pruning can be confused with
discipline as both are Painful
B. Pruning can make people to
become angry with God
C. Pruning often causes sin in
believers who are not Matured

Issue Discipline PruningInitial Sign Pain and Distress Pain and Distress Why did it start? You are displeasing
You are seeking to
please God

What is your level of
No Fruit No Fruit

What does the
Vinedresser want? Fruit More Fruit

How Should You
think about it?
Remorse and
Relief and Joy

What should you do? Repent Release

Pruning Principle #1
C. Pruning stimulates you to relocate your
primary resources.
1. Pruning reprioritizes the way you invest
your time.
2. Pruning reprioritizes the way you invest
your talents.
3. Pruning reprioritizes the way you invest
your treasure.
Pruning increases your productivity by
clarifying your life purpose.
A. Pruning seeks to help you discover why
God laid hold of you.
B. Pruning forgets the past failures to
focus on the future.
C. Pruning causes you to focus upon your
lasting legacy.
Pruning Principle #2
Pruning Principle #3
A. Pruning lessens the pleasure you experience
from unfaithful activities.
B. Pruning intensifies your passion by requiring
C. Pruning increases your desire to bring great
joy to God’s heart
Pruning transforms and intensifies
your heart passion.
A. God wants you to know if He is disciplining or
pruning you.
1. Ask yourself if there is any known major sin.
2. If unclear; ask God to reveal sin in one week.
3. You may be in pruning if no sin is revealed.
B. God disciplines his children and desires you to
C. God prunes His children and desires you to relax
and release.

The pruning process #1
A. Do you believe that God prunes you at the
perfect moments?
1. Does He start pruning you at the perfect
2. Does He prune you for the perfect length?
3. Does He prune you for the perfect depth?
4. Does He prune you for the perfect breadth?
The Lord’s universal pruning system
A. Do you believe that God prunes
you with the perfect method?
1. Does He carefully select the absolute best
pruning tools?
2. Does He watch out for you by limiting
unnecessary pains?
3. Does He stay intimately involved as your
pruning coach?
C. Do you believe God prunes you
with the perfect motive?
1. Does He truly have your best interests in
mind at all times?
2. Does He ever use you and then discard
you when He is finished?
3. Does He ever forsake you when you fail His
We turn to God for help when our
foundations are shaking, only to
learn that it is God who is
shaking them.
Charles C. west
The Pruning process #2
Pruning process #1 POSSESSION.
Pruning process #2 POSITION.
Pruning process #3 PHYSICAL.
Pruning process #4 PEOPLE.
Pruning process #5 PROFFESSION.
Pruning process #6 PLACE.
Pruning process #7 PLAN.
The Lord’s Seven Pruning Tools
The Pruning Process #3
A. Pruning prepares you to step into more
significant roles.
B. Pruning prepares you to handle more
extensive responsibilities.
C. Pruning prepares you to handle major
tests with godly responsibilities.
The Lord’s pruning cycle of preparation.
Judge a tree from its fruit;
not from the leaves.
The Pruning Precept
A. You can choose to actively rebel and reject
the pruning of God.
B. You can choose to passively resist and
remain reluctant.
C. You can choose to probatively rest and
Third secret of the vine:
If your life bears a lot of fruit, God
will invite you to abide more
deeply with him.
Secret #3
Third secret of the vine:
If your life bears a lot of fruit, God
will invite you to abide more deeply
with him.
I. The passage
A. “Abide”(meno) means to continue, live and
B. “Abide” occurs on the vine the branch connect
1. Abide is the primary method to bear much
2. Abiding is dependent on how the branch
relates to the vine
3. Abide increase the sap that flows through the
C. “abide” occurs in believers as they connect to
Christ more deeply
II. The pitfall: The moment that you
are saved, you automatically
A. You are placed “in Christ” when you accept Christ
by faith
B. You remain “abiding in Christ” when you fulfill the
C. You can be in Christ but not abide in Christ at the
same time
Abiding principle #1.
A. Much fruit cannot be achieved by
working harder or longer
B. Much fruit requires less work for
Christ and more time with Christ
Abiding in Christ’s in an ongoing relationship is
the secret to bearing Much Fruit.
Abiding in Christ is directly related to your
attitude toward Christ
A. God’s personality is full of mercy, grace, and loving
B. God wants relationship with you so much, he sent Christ to
C. God wants you to abide so deeply, he adopt you into his
D. God wants to abide so much , He sent the spirit to cry out
E. God loves you with the same love as he loves Jesus.
Abiding principle# 2:
Abiding in Christ enables you to experience Christ’s
greatness promises
A. If you abide, Christ promises you will bear much
fruit bringing God glory
B. If you abide, Christ promises He will answer
C. If you abide, Christ promises he will make you
experience his love
D. If you abide, Christ promises he will reveal
Himself to you.
E. If you abide , Christ promises that he will place
His joy into your heart.
Abiding principle #3
Secret #3
A. The Lord reveals that knowing Him is
your life’s greatest Glory.
B. The Lord reveals that He wants us to
understand Him.
C. The Lord reveals that He wants us to
know Him.
The Abiding Process #1:
A. Abiding won’t work if you are living in
B. Abiding won’t work if you hate another
C. Abiding won’t if you don’t keep His
The three Abiding requirements.
Abide with God through the Disciplines
The Five Spiritual Disciplines
A. Build the lifelong habit of regular morning
B. Read and meditate in the Bible.
C. Experience victory through your Notebook
of prayer.
D. Cultivate meaningful praise and worship.
E. Interact with God in your Life Journal.
The Abiding Process #2:
The Three Fruit-Bearing seasons
The Three Fruit-Bearing seasons
Fruit-Bearing Season #1: God’s
Fruit-Bearing Season #2: God’s pruning.
Fruit-Bearing Season #3: God’s Abiding.
The Abiding Process #3
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