A Secure and Large Place
January 12, 2020

A Secure and Large Place

Passage: Judges 18:1-10
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Bible Text: Judges 18:1-10 | Preacher: Sunday Teachers | Series: Sunday School Manual | INTRODUCTION
It is the will of God that his children are secured and live in place where they lack nothing. Deut 2:7, Neh.9:21, Psalm 34:10. To be secure is an assurance of safety which is the freedom from or resilience against potential harm or other unwanted coercive damage cause by others. It could also be a state of mind. Every living thing want to be secured because security is the first factor that guarantees that one’s effort will not be wasted. Likewise, the desire of humans is to have a good life and a sense of fulfillment, which is dwelling in a large place (wealthy place). A place free from wants of anything. May the Holy Spirit grant us understand as we go into this teaching.

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