Servant Leadership

TEXT -JOHN 13:1-17.
Memory Verse -John 13: 4-5. : So he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.
Who is a servant? Is a person who performs duties for others, either domestic duties or as a personal attendant.
Who is a leader? Is a person who influences a group of people towards the achievement of a goal.
Introduction: When you think of servanthood, do you think it as an activity performed by relatively low-skilled people? Often we assume that if we serve, people will lower their view of us but it is wrong. Serving is the best way to show leadership. May God open the eyes of our understanding as we take this teaching in Jesus name.
1.Jesus teaching on servant leadership.
2. Marks of a servant leader.
1. Motivated by love to serve others (John 13:1-2): Jesus’ love was undeserved, unending and unselfish. Love made him serve his disciples. Jesus even washed the feet of Judas Iscariot, (the man who would betray him).
2. Initiate servant leadership (John13:4-5): Jesus didn’t wait for someone to clarify protocol. He saw a need and met it. No one else had volunteered for the foot-washing job that night. This act will only be done by a leader who is humble.
3. Teach servanthood by their example (John13:12-15): Jesus discussed the meaning of his foot washing. He reminded them that the master and lord had just washed their feet, so no position should prevent them from doing it for someone else. Actions speak more loudly than words.
4. Live a blessed Life (John 13:16-17): Jesus reminded them, they were blessed if they obeyed him in there Lifestyle. God blesses those who go and serve people with no thought of getting something in return from them. The return comes in the form of God’s blessing. When leaders serve, they add value to the people who receives their service.
1. A servant leader sacrificially seeks the highest joy of those he serves (Matthew 20:26-28, Philippians1:25).
2. A servant leader will forgo his rights rather than obscure the gospel. ( 1 Cor 9:19, 1 Cor. 4:11-13).
3. A servant leader is not preoccupied with personal visibility and recognition. (John 3:29).
4. A servant leader anticipates and graciously accepts the time for his decrease (John 3:29-30).
Be gracious with your leaders, No earthly Christian leader is the perfect but Jesus alone bears that distinction.They need our encouragements,loyalty and support. Remember the saying”If you are too big to serve,you are too small to lead”.

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