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The Five Love Languages – Words of Affirmation

Text: Prov. 18:21; 15:4, 7, 23; 12:14,18,21,25; 10:11,20


The Love Language words of Affirmation focuses on verbal communication and letting your partner know what you feel about them.


  • Area of focus in Words of Affirmation
  • Method by which we can convey our message

Area of focus in Words of Affirmation

Gratitude and Appreciation: You must ensure to notice little everything your partner does for you. It makes them feel they are not taken for granted. You can use words like:

  • I am thankful that you …
  • I am glad to have you as my sister

Encouraging word (Encouragement) Heb. 13:22: A little word said at a particular time might be what keep him/her going and gives the courage needed. Example are:

  • I believe in you because …
  • Always remember that I am always here for you

Kind words (Empathy)Col. 4:6: It makes your partner feel better when he/she realises that someone actually feels his/her sacrifices or pains. It is like someone is assisting you in carrying wait on your shoulders. Examples of such words are:

  • I could see how you would feel that way because …
  • I can’t imagine how hard it must be for you …

Verbal compliment (Respect and Admiration): You should verbally compliment your partner. Ensure you are not judgemental during disagreements speak politely and compliment him/her.

  • Great Job Olori…
  • You are doing well ooin…
  • I am proud of you …
  • It make me happy when you …

Humble words (Humility): Words like:

  • You must have been (upset, confused, etc.) when I
  • I could have done _ better today
  • My bad, next time, I’ll try to

Goes a long way in your relationship with someone whose primary love language is words of affimation.

Methods by which we can convey our message

  • Face to face
  • Text message
  • WhatsApp Message, Voice note, Audio or Video call
  • A short love note in an unexpected place where you know they will come across it.
  • Card, handmade or bought with a personal message.
  • Love letter


The most important aspect of words of affirmation is to be genuine with the words. People whose love language is this, care most about the intensions and emotions behind those words.

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