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A. Security 

This is the first order of any meaningful progress and development. It is the number factor that guarantees that efforts will not be wasted.

S.14(2)(b), 1999 Nigeria Constitution…states.

The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government.

Without security life operates on survival of the fittest. Meaning jungle justice. Everyone does as he pleases.

 It is the bedrock of any trade and commerce. Prov 3:29; Job 11:18.

Security is the currency with which we purchase progress and development. If you doubt this, check the current situation in the North East of Nigeria, especially Borno State. Where there is insecurity, development and progress take their flight. Whether at home, Community, State or Country.

B. The Large Place.

This connotes enlargement. The fulfilment of the five fold blessings of man in the garden of Eden (garden of Life). Gen 1:28. You cannot fulfill this mandate in a small and strait place.

Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Replenishment, Subjugation and Dominion are results and bye products of enlargement. Gen 1:28, 9:1-2.


  1. That should take you to your secured and large place in 2020s. 2King 6:1-2.
  2. That God should increase you in quantity and quality. Lev. 26:8-12; Gen 30:43.
  3. Others.. personal.

The Oracle for 2020.

That is, the prophetic response and wisdom direction for 2020. An oracle is divine instruction, guidance or principle for direction. Ps. 28:1-2; Heb 5:11-12.

Let all your dealings and transactions this year and decade align with the 3fold ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mainly:

  1. Redemption (Salvation) works of Jesus Christ. Mat 1:21; John 3:16; Mark 16:15-16.
  2. Deliverance works of our Lord Jesus Christ from the bondage of the devil and consequences of the fallen nature of man. 1 John 3:8; John 10:10.
  3. To bless mankind. To bless others and lift them up. To be rich in good works. 2 Corinth 8:9. Gal. 3: 13-14. Acts 10:38; 1 Tim 6:17-19.

GGFC Family Litmus Test.

When you are not too sure of what to do, and you are not given enough time to seek the face of the Lord over an issue. These three tests should be used to determine what you do or don’t do, where you go or don’t go, what you permit or don’t permit in the new year and decade. They will determine how far you go and how much you fare in the new Year and Decade. Peace be unto You.

Prophecies for 2020.

  1. Many new families, that is marriages will take place.
  2. And many new babies will be safely delivered, both biological and spiritual. Ex. 23:26; Acts. 2:47;
  3. GGFC shall be entering into a greater season of favour in the community.
  4. Many journeys abroad this year and some multiple travels. Also new doors of opportunities for first time travelers of this family.
  5. Some of us will be recording outstanding successes in our efforts this year.
  6.  New ministries and talents will be springing up within the Church. e.g, Grace Creche, Grace Nursery /Primary School, Grace Community Clinic etc. We believe God to start our Alagbaka branch in 2020.

Caveat/Warning for 2020.

 Don’t relax this year. Join others to pray and push against the enemies attack this year( A lot is left unsaid here). Don’t be a lone Ranger this year. Don’t dismember yourself. Heb. 10:38.


  1. Some surprises will happen among some big names in Nigeria politics. As dogs will begin to eat dogs among them.
  2. We should pray for Ondo State and Edo States to witness peace in governorship elections of the two states. The signals coming from the two States will require serious prayers.
  3. The Nigeria economy will perform better this year.


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    I am greatful to God that I am part of this great commission. God will grant us all the grace to fulfill His desire in Jesus name.

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